Billionaires of REKD

                        Rafe                               Kayn                            Ezreal                          Darius
                                                       (pronounced like cane)

Four friends who created a game app and sold it for billions. They called themselves the Beta Boys, but the press dubbed them the Harvard Billionaire Boys. Then they created an online battle arena game called REKD after their names (Rafe, Ezreal, Kayn, and Darius). It's also a play on the gaming term "rekt," meaning to severely beat an opponent.

Ahri Meisner’s on the run. Her hiding place may keep her safe from her husband’s murderers, but what about her heart? 

Kayn's already made it clear that one day he’ll kiss her goodbye. Does she dare risk her heart that she can change her mind?

A stuttering billionaire who’s paralyzed around women must get past an abused woman’s scars if he’s to find his happily ever after.

Can a sinister plot and a terrible secret keep Darius and Eve from their second chance?

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