Billionaires of REKD

                        Rafe                              Kayn                          Ezreal                         Darius
                                                       (pronounced like cane)

Four friends who created a game app and sold it for billions. They called themselves the Beta Boys, but the press dubbed them the Harvard Billionaire Boys. Then they created an online battle arena game called REKD after their names (Rafe, Ezreal, Kayn, and Darius). It's also a play on the gaming term "rekt," meaning to severely beat an opponent.

Ahri Meisner’s on the run. Her hiding place may keep her safe from her husband’s murderers, but what about her heart? 

When Ahri's estranged husband leaves her in the lurch, he does so with an obscure warning that neither of them is safe. Alone and not knowing who might be after her, she flees across the country to her brother. When her husband is murdered, she finds she must assume a new identity and stay in hiding, working for her brother’s too-handsome business partner. And she has no idea how long before the murderers will find her.

Rafe Davis has gone from being a poor scholarship boy to billionaire CEO of REKD Gaming. The only child of a loving mother and an emotionally abusive father, things haven't come easy for him. When his business partner asks that he help his sister, Rafe agrees. He finds himself attracted to Ahri, but his business is his life. That's about to change.

Kayn's already made it clear that one day he’ll kiss her goodbye. Does she dare risk her heart that she can change her mind?

Billionaire Kayn Rafferty is happy with his life, content to be married to his job. Until his sister is threatened by the thugs who killed her husband. Things get even more complicated when the woman hired to help protect his sister finagles her way into his heart. He’s made it clear he’s not a commitment kind of guy, and that’s not changing.

Sona Rakan’s glad to take the job playing decoy for the sister of a handsome billionaire. What she doesn’t count on is falling for the guy. Her hopes for something more with him are dashed when the job comes to an abrupt end.

Then he offers her a chance to help him again, this time with his new charity. Not only will her terminally ill grandmother get her dream trip to Ireland, but Sona will have one last opportunity to convince Kayn to take a chance on love. But can she risk her heart when he’s made it clear that one day he’ll kiss her goodbye?

A stuttering billionaire who’s paralyzed around women must get past an abused woman’s scars if he’s to find his happily ever after.

Musician Ezreal Wallach might be a billionaire, but he can’t talk in front of crowds—or unfamiliar women. He’s asked to help with a music program for underprivileged children, but working with a woman is way out of his comfort zone. He’s about to say no until he meets her and her children. They bring the music in his mind alive in new ways. He’s never been on a date. For the first time in his life, he’d like to change that. But he has to figure out how to talk to her first.

Sara Fortune is suspicious of men and will do anything to protect her children from their violent father. She moves them across the country for safety. In her new location, she has the opportunity to help bring music to poor children. She finds herself drawn to the quiet, eccentric composer who’s been asked to help, but she worries that she and her children are becoming too attached to Ezreal. In her experience, all men are violent and controlling. Can she stop herself from falling in love before he shows his true colors?

Can a sinister plot and a terrible secret keep Darius and Eve from their second chance?

Nurse Eve Stewart is excited to take on another bucket-list fulfillment trip, this time to Edinburgh. That is, until she discovers who’ll be spearheading it: her high school best friend who kissed her and hasn’t spoken to her in twelve years. She doesn’t expect her old feelings for Darius to come alive. When they do, Eve must decide if she can learn to trust again. 

Billionaire Darius Dimitriou doesn’t want to take over a fledgling bucket-list charity. When he finds out the project's nurse is the girl he secretly loved in high school, he changes his mind. As they spend time together and his love for her rekindles, he begins to hope they might have a second chance. But first he’ll have to share his past, and it could kill any hope of being with her.

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