Safe Harbors Series

It was a relaxing vacation—until the pirates. And the shipwreck. And the falling in love.

"Ms. Weaver pens an outstanding, epic tale of life, loss, and love! ... There are truly no words to describe how solid and endearing Lyn and Braedon are ... Their love grips the reader and doesn't let go for a second ... Ms. Weaver has created magic!" - Mimi Smith, InD'Tale Magazine

After a faceoff with modern-day pirates, former model Jori faces months of reconstructive surgery. As Olivia learns about the man behind the scar, she becomes intrigued. But he’s no girl’s happily ever after. Yet.

 "A fantastic work of fiction... Jori is no longer the confident skirt-chasing model, but a man haunted by his scars. His journey of self-discovery ... helps him grow as a person and an artist... An absolute must read!"  Sarah E. Bradley, InD'Tale Magazine

An IED blew up Marc’s career as a Cobra pilot. With a chance to fly again he must deal with his PTSD, politics, and McKenzie, the hot local election official.

Returning to college, thirty-seven-year-old Francie Davis learns that the person you least expect to fall in love with might be the one that’s the most perfect for you.

Ethan Walters has no time for romance. While Samantha fights off her mother's machinations, she must convince Ethan she won’t destroy his dreams. Will their cyber magic translate to real life? 

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