Huckleberry Falls Romances

Merry and the Gentleman

How do you choose between your heart and your responsibilities?

Merry Hurst, a fierce widow and single mom, is determined to give her young son the life he deserves—including a male role model who will stick around for the long haul. She can't afford to fall for a man who isn't planning to stay in Huckleberry Falls, so she might as well stop dreaming about Carlisle Wyndham. If only it were that easy!

Carlisle Wyndham is determined to develop the avalanche-proof transceiver that could have saved his wife's life. He's glad his daughter has made a new friend, but they’re only staying in Huckleberry Falls long enough to complete the project. When he meets the young boy’s mother, Carlisle’s not prepared for how alive she makes him feel.

But he has pressing responsibilities pulling him back to England while Merry’s require her to stay. Do they dare risk getting involved only to say goodbye?

How long can love endure?

Walt Kinkade left for acting school with a promise to love Linda forever. She never heard from him again. Thirty-five years later and a famed actor at a crossroads in his career, he’s back in Huckleberry Falls, hoping to heal and make amends. Though a widow now, he learns that Linda moved on long ago and found love again. Walt never did. Seeing Linda makes him want to do more than be friends, but why would she trust a man who ditched her and disappeared without a word?

Linda Jackson has everything she needs—great children and grandchildren who light up her life, and wonderful memories of over three decades with her late husband. But an old photograph of the lost love of her youth keeps popping up, reminding her of a time which nearly destroyed her.

Then the man himself shows up as a guest at her married daughter’s home. Seeing Walt and learning the truth stirs something in Linda that she thought she’d never feel again. Does she dare give him a chance to break her heart a second time?

At Christmas, a man with a name like Ebenezer Grinchly isn’t likely to find any holiday cheer… much less love. Right?

Eb’s ex-wife just left her excess baggage on his doorstep, and he’s found out he has a daughter—and he couldn’t be more thrilled. Not about his ex-wife lying to him four years ago about the child being his, but about the gift of a second chance at fatherhood. Unfortunately, he knows absolutely nothing about little girls. But the woman he’s wanted to date for months sweeps in to help.

A lot of people think Eb is a grump like his name implies, but his friend Sandra Faragher knows better. He’s a good guy, only a little rigid and stuck in a rut. It’s her goal to help him out of it. She doesn’t expect to fall for the hot, nerdy dad he suddenly turns into, and his sweet interactions with his surprise daughter only make him more attractive. Sandra can almost believe her dream could come true.

But Sandra has a secret even her famous boss doesn’t know about. For Eb to get his dream, she will have to sacrifice hers

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